2024 Historical Society Partnership Programs

Building on 2023, our Board of Trustees is working to cement a sustainable strategy at this new level of mission-driven programming.

The goals are straightforward. Live up to our stewardship obligations to preserve collections and four historic structures. Continue to innovate and improve the value of our work on behalf of the community.

Part of this innovation is reflected below in three new working groups within Historical Society leadership. As part of this plan, we will be reaching out to work directly with:

• Businesses

• Individuals

• Public sector grant sources

• Local and corporate charitable foundations

Telling the story of “the history of everything” with energy and professionalism is widening the range of rewards available to everyone interested in our work as sponsors, underwriters, marketing partners, volunteers, or patrons. These relationships are mission-critical to continued improvement in our value to our community.

Living History Program Series and Events

Focused on promotion and stewardship of our 1867 Gordon Roberts House and the long running Heritage Days/Wills Creek Muster weekend, these programs provide exceptional PR leverage for sponsors and partners.

Levels of investment can range from $5,000 for 2024 presenting sponsorships to $125 per event to support and be recognized at individual events and presentations.


Collection Programs and Events

Focused on interpretation, curation and educational access to ACHS collections at the 1911 Whiting House Museum, these underwriting programs provide recognition and visibility to academics and cultural enthusiasts.

In recent years, we have found an eager audience interested seeing and learning more about these world class collections of Asian ceramics, original European art, first edition books, colonial furniture and carefully selected decorative objects from around the world.

Levels of investment can range from $2,000 for series underwriting to $150 per event to support and be recognized at individual events and presentations.


History Discovery Programs and Events

Your Historical Society now owns two locations on the National Register of Historic Places that are uniquely suited to discovery programming for local school students and serious historical research in Cumberland’s oldest neighborhood.  The 1901 Union Grove One-Room School House and 1845 Canada Hose House being developed at the History Discovery Center at Blue Spring are being steered by a board-level work group focused on their unique potential for new programs and projects.

Levels of partnership in 2024 Discovery Programs and Events are the widest ranging we will be offering and carry the opportunity to be recognized in permanent naming at Blue Spring, as well as though series marketing, individual events and presentations.


Gifts and Bequests

Three new funds have been established for private gifts and bequests that can be viewed on our 2024 Membership Application at this link:  www.alleganycountyhistory.org/membership-application


Let’s talk!

Interested participants are welcome to fill out this form to confidentially inform us of your interests.  You are also welcome to email [email protected] or leave a private message at 301-777-8678. ACHS understands the unique nature of investments of this type and is happy to talk with you privately about creating a relationship that suits your interests!

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